Thursday, June 26, 2008

art journal pages

okay see? I didn't forget.
well, maybe a little. :D

It's fun to make art for art's sake. just to throw down and not care what you end up with, and always be a little surprised when it turns out great.

Is it the weekend yet?

thanks to all the 'jackers for picking my fragile mini. And also thanks to to all the peeps that said nice things about it.

Anyone know any good scrap/art supply shops in Vancouver, BC? I'm going next weekend and I am so bummed about Ruby Dog's Art House closing down. I really wanted to visit. :(


Mandi said...

congrats on the jacking! I loved yours.
And love your art journal stuff.
you should design paper for a manufacturer or something. Seriously.

Lisa said...

gorgeous gorgeous stuff!

congrats on getting jacked!

Lindsay said... the art journal pages! They're so artsy-licious! Makes me want to make one! Hope you're well!


Asa said...

Congrats on gettin jacked!

Gorgeous minis!

Have a nice weekend!


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