Sunday, June 29, 2008

summer is here

officially. On a related note, I am dying from the heat. And the humidity. Bleah.
The only thing to do is... scrapbook! And since I am apparently incapable of making single pages anymore, I present you with a mini-boook (made using the adorable March RVA kit).

Alright, that's all for now. Will most likely do a more wordy post tomorrow. I am off to hide from the heat. And play Rock Band.
Happy Sunday.


A.S.K.-P. said...

LOVE it!

~wenhether~ said...

Love you mini!!!

Genevieve said...

Oh my. This is gorgeous! (And I feel the same way, I seem to be incapable of making a single page layout anymore, it's weird!)

Also, enjoy the heat while you can, it's better than 15C (59F) and rain!

Mandi said...

this journal looks like way fun. just like summer! :)

kristina Contes said...

sigh...your little things are beutiful. totally make me wanna scrap.

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