Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer School is in Session

Happy 1st of July.

I love learning new things, and I especially love taking classes from other artists. Which is why I am so excited that I recently had the opportunity to take (online) classes from three of my favorite teaching artists.

I purchased this class kit from Ali Edwards through Cocoa Daisy last night. I stayed up late so I could score myself this custom stamp set. They ran out of the stamps so it will be awhile before it arrives at my door, but I am very excited anyway.

The fabulous Kristina posted a tease on her Flickr a while back about this class kit. It's now up for purchase and looks so awesome. I cannot wait to play with it! Her classes always inspire me. I hope to someday take one in person!

Shimelle has posted a new class here. Daily prompts in my inbox? Yes, please. Also as I was posting the link for this I just discovered a delightful suprise. I think I shall also sign up for this and this. And I will wait to sign up for this one, until she runs it live again around Christmas.

I wish that I could take some of these classes, particularly the "blue taco" book one. But alas, no online classes offered.

Congratulations to Mandi for getting ScrapJacked. Awesome awesome pages there.

The newest TAIF prompt is also quite clever and definitely worth checking out.

Also, loving the inspiration at the Dig Deeper site. I LOVE mini-books (you may have noticed.)Kim Brimhall is the GDT. Good stuff.

Contemplating going and doing some more TIMJ stuff..... and at some point I really am going to start on my Paper Adventure book.

And last, but by no means least, the July Sweet Spuds Kit is up for sale! Get it while it's hot--the last few have sold out quickly! So excited to play with that October Afternoon stuff.

All that is left now is to continue my mastery of Rock Band (drums = difficult) and to plan my little vacation to Vancouver.

Is it the weekend yet?


Kate O'Brien said...

hey you!! can't find your email address on your blog and didn't save it. email me! i have a kit peek for your guest gig! :)

~wenhether~ said...

You're such an enabler!! I'm signed up for Shimelle's class too!

Genevieve said...

Wow, those are some cool classes you are taking (or wishing you could take!) I would love to take some of those as well...oh to have the time and money to scrap all day :) Wouldn't that be fun? Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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