Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cabin Trip Recap

And now, a little recap of my trip to Greg's family's cabin in the Mt. Lassen National Forest area. It is very remote, and very lovely. As relaxing as the trip was, I am very glad to have access to indoor plumbing again.

Anyway, the trip started by flying down to Reno, where we rented a little car to drive up to the cabin...Greg would not let me take pictures while I was driving, so I only got some shots of the part where he was driving. It was beautiful driving country.

Here are some photos of the cabin itself (it really is a log cabin) and the lake.

This is how we made our coffee in the morning. Hand grinder, french press and hot water heated by the propane stove. Love the propane stove.
We went swimming and we went hiking. (Amazing, for me, but true.)
I saw all kinds of animals such as hawks, eagles, osprey, deer, pine martin, blue jays, hummingbirds, butterflies, chipmunks, squirrels...
I had a great time, and there will be a mini book about this trip in my future for sure (how else am I going to use up all that Love, Elsie Forrest stuff?)

Also, not related to the cabin trip, here is a photo of typewriter #3 that I obtained a few weeks ago. Cute huh?
And to finish this post entirely randomly, here is a sneak peek of a little something I have been working on.
And now I am off to bed as I have caught a nasty cold. Sweet Spuds layouts will be up in a bit, as well as hopefully, some other fun and surprising things for tomorrow. :D

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lorena b. said...

What a cool camping trip! Beautiful area right? We've gone to the Mt. Lassen area since we were kids (hiked the volcano quite a few times, camping at Lake Almanor). Two years ago my sisters & I took our kids. Good memories. LOL still haven't scrapped that trip. I want make books for us combining the old & new pictures but . . . anyhoo looks like you had a good time!

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