Monday, August 18, 2008

Art Journaling in the Wilderness....

I'm back! I survived the cabin trip. I'll do another post all about that, but I figured you might be tired of photo only posts. It seems like forever since I have posted any thing artsy :D

Here are some photos of an art journal I made, out of scrap paper and other odds n ends mostly following this tutorial for the construction. The prompts I have finished now are based on Rachel's recent Art Journaling class. It was truly lovely to play around with art supplies out in the wilderness. So calm and relaxing.
There are still plenty of pages left to fill up in this little book. And I still haven't decorated the cover or anything. I really look forward to playing around in this one some more. Now though, I'm off to go do laundry and get some COFFEE.

Happy Monday!


Trish said...

hi! just ran across your blog-I love the little book :) will be back later to browse around some more!

Dina said...

Love, love, love.

Mandi said...

it's perfect!!! I love everything about it.

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