Thursday, August 14, 2008

Feels like Friday...

But it isn't. Here is life over the last week or so.
Can't. Stop. Using. Fisheye Lens.
(I might need an intervention at this point...)

Love for the fisheye aside, I have been loving Tina's TTV shots on Flickr. What is TTV? It stands for through the viewfinder. Basically, you use one camera (like a digital one) to take a shot through an old school manual camera's viewfinder. Here is a good DIY tutorial. I like the idea of using the construction paper to help with glare, though I think it might look silly. Also here's how to do it through digital manipulation.

Saw these cool fonts on Maria Grace's blog. I have been a little obsessed with typography lately. For example, there are those wordle thingies. And I thought this new blog looked intriguing.

Alright. I am going to go get my stuff all packed up for the cabin trip.

Be back on Monday with photos, and hopefully some projects (if airport security doesn't confiscate my glue stick and scissors, anyway).
Safe travels.


renee said...

i'm a lurker of your awesome blog and i just want to say that I am OBSESSED with typography! was actually looking for a cool site....thanks for those links!

also, i've been seeing TTV on other blogs and wondered what the hell it was..sounds cool.

Mandi said...

Dang it! I want your camera!!!!! :)

lorena b. said...

Love, love, love your fish eye!!! I am so getting one when I get my camera.

Tina said...

You're driving me crazy with the cool. wish i could afford such a lense. that's why I got into was cheap!

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