Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On my mind...

1. Under my umbrella, 2. Eiffel the Spider, 3. Sliding down, 4. She's Italian., 5. Front door, 6. 2740727750_4a967d374d_o, 7. handmade canvas journal, 8. 39/365: u r beautiful..., 9. mini book, 10. Just Because album, 11. Urban textural study #6, 12. Untitled, 13. typeface design

Just a little flickr mosaic love, as I have had no time for my own photos (sad).

I have a bunch more of the fisheye stuff that I took this weekend that are awating some photoshop love. Once they are edited I'll post them. And also print them.

Got the apartment booked for Paris and got a loft in Rome for a very decent price. They key is renting a place without an elevator. Though my knees won't thank me for it, I'm sure.

Getting things together for the cabin weekend. Finishing projects at work. Finishing projects at home. Up to my eyeballs in top secret stuff. Especially the new Sweet Spuds kit. It is just crammed full of lots and lots of notepad and other office-y goodness. I actually got to hang out with Gina this last weekend and we shopped for some stuff for some of the upcoming kits. Trust me people, you want to get a subscription . September and October are going to be awesome.

Dreaming of bookbinding and other projects I want to get done. Really enjoying free podcasts right now. Patiently waiting for Ali's book to arrive.

I miss sleep. Not getting a lot of it right now.

Alright, back to work. Happy Wednesday.

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shaina said...

terrific mosaic! i just did one yesterday. i *heart* them. i'm so jealous of your trip. i hope you have a wonderful time! can't wait to see all the yummyness you've been working on. you're always an inspiration.

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