Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Holy Polaroid, Batman!

So... I have been obsessed with photography lately. Enjoying just taking photos for fun, and playing. Spending time on Flickr. Reading camerapedia.

I've decided that I really like polaroid cameras, despite the fact that it is nearly impossible to get film for them and they are usually a little on the clunky side. I do like that the results of the photos can be unpredictable. I also like that the picture comes out instantly (one of the reasons I really enjoy digital photography as well).

This last weekend I went to Goodwill and really seriously checked out the camera section for the first time. And I found some good stuff. Each of my finds was less than three dollars. I couldn't help myself...I had to get a basket. So for less than $15 I ended up getting:

- A polaroid spectra
- A cute little green polaroid one step

- A polaroid swinger (possibly broken)
- A polaroid colorpack land camera
- A time zero one step (sx-70), broken (this is the one that ate a pack of film)
- A pronto land camera (sx-70)

The polaroid impulse I already had (also from Goodwill), but wanted to include it in the picture of my new "collection."

Now I just have to see about finding some film.... and finding some space for them to hang out. Oh dear, what have I gotten myself into?

no change with my dad's situation yet. that's good, right?


Genevieve said...

Wow, great score of cameras! If only the films were easy (and cheap) to get...still, worth it if only to have a cool little collection on your shelf :)

Amy Leigh. said...

Found you through scrap jacked (great page!)...let me know if you find a way to use the Polaroid land camera -- I've got one as well. I know of a hack that allows you to use 120 film, but you have to develop it yourself. Sad.

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