Friday, September 19, 2008

Modern vs. Vintage

Time for a random Friday post. If I could, I would have typed this whole post out on my typewriter, but alas, I must type on a modern keyboard. Right now, I am trying to get as much blogging in as possible before I cross the big blue ocean and go on my traveling adventures. :D

Lots of things on the to-do list. Getting important documents copied. Cleaning out emails. Doing laundry (yikes) Last minute shopping trips for things like a new book and a money belt for Greg (he changed his mind about wanting one). Need to remember to charge up my camera batteries. And also pack. And sleep, at some point.

Distracting myself from trip anxiety by reading about photography online. I love film cameras, and old school film cameras rock the most. I have decided that my next camera purchase will be a Polaroid 450 Land camera or a Spartus Full Vue. I really really want a camera with a bellows--I think it looks awesome. But I love the art deco look of the Full Vue.

I have been so bad with cameras this last month, I feel like a little camera-ho. My recent obsession with vintage camera acquisition made me think long and hard about all the cameras that I have, and what I use them for (and where I put them).

I actually decided to upgrade my point and shoot this last weekend. For years I have had a Canon Powershot A530 as my "purse camera." It has done very well by me, but my recent exploits at the Puyallup Fair (and Charlie's gratuitous use of his Powershot SD750) convinced me that I needed a better one for my stealth shots while out and about.

So we went to the big box electronics store and picked up this little beauty.

(I look angry when I am concentrating...really....)

Say hello to my Canon Powershot SD1100 IS. I haven't thought of a proper name for him yet, but am LOVING the pictures I get from this little beauty. It is an awesome camera. I particuarly love the vivid picture-shooting mode. Also it deals with indoor light waaay better than my older powershot. And it is eight mexapixels (three more than the old camera and two less than the Rebel). Good stuff.

Alright, enough ranting about cameras from me. I need to get back to my lists of tasks...

Have a good Friday.

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