Saturday, September 20, 2008

Go for it

Good morning.

Let's start the day off with a little challenge, shall we?

Lately I have been so inspired by the whole carnival/fair and theater aesthetic. (If you haven't seen Carnivale yet, you should check it out. It is creepy, yet good.) Anyway, Cirque du Soleil was in town a few months ago and I found them to be hugely inspiring as well. Colors, textures, everything. They challenge the imagination.

Today's ScrapMojo challenge asks you to be inspired by Cirque as well. And also use sequins. Here is my take:
The leaves are falling. I had to bust out my fall coat to stay warm on my walk last night. Thinking about scarves and knee socks again.

It has been grey and rainy nonstop for the past few days. I am missing the blue skies and tiny puffy clouds of the summer. It seems like fall is truly here. On the last sunny day we had there was a really exceptional sunset. I am going to always think of it as the last sunset of this summer.

That's it for now. I am off to run errands and get some much needed coffee. Peace.


Mandi said...

this post really resonated with me. Very much indeed.

Lisa said...

ah carnivale. we love that show. so pissed it was cancelled after only 2 seasons!

i want to break out my wintry coat!! why does california have to be so hot for so long??

inara said...

I definitely like the whole carnival/circus/fair aesthetic also! congrats on being published too!

A fellow NW Christina!

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