Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend Recap

Whoops. Slipped off the blogging bandwagon a little, didn't I? This weekend was so busy though!

Let's catch up.

I heard some very good news about my dad. I had a lovely dinner with Greg's parents. I went to a new eye doctor and got my contacts order in. Got a haircut (pics later). Ran a lot of errands. watched a few episodes of Rome. Went shopping for British Airways approved carryon luggage. Took polaroid photos. Named the colorpack camera "Edwin." Worked on finishing up my "I heart pictures" minibook. Found some etsy-related projects worth working on. Walked on the beach. Slept in late. (See, told you it was a busy weekend.)

Got my Sweet Spuds kit! Woot. Cannot wait to dig into it. Also excited for the next Mojo challenge. Whew. Hope I can get everything done before vacation!!!

Also, check back tomorrow for a lovely bloggy surprise. ;)

Nighty night.


TxScrapAddict said...

You are just incredibly talented! what inspiration! Wow! Wow!

Kelli said...

Wicked photo!

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