Monday, September 15, 2008

A year in review

Yesterday as I was doing some digital organizing on my computer I noticed that I had to make a new September file for my Sweet Spuds layouts. As amazing as it seems, I have been designing for Sweet Spuds for one whole year! Wow.

I am so incredibly greatful to Gina for the opportunity to be on her design team. It has been a truly wonderful experience. I have learned so much about myself and my scrapping style in the process. I have also gotten to try out some really cool products and make some really awesome projects. So to commemorate this month I am going to do a post dedicated to my favorite layouts over the past year:

September (My very first 12x12 layout ever)
It is fun to see how much my style has changed. For the better I think. I don't try as hard to plaster the entire page with stuff. And I think my photography skills have certainly improved. :D

It is also good to see that there are some things that I do still love and use. Like multiple photos. Ridiculous self portraits. And scalloped edges.

Thanks for looking and have a great Monday!


Mandi said...

Yeah, I see it! I like the change too! Maybe this winter I'll do a year in review thing--- when I first picked up scrapping again last Winter, I was so lost as far as style goes. Now I feel I've settled into a style that fits me. :)

Lisa said...

love em all! and i'm pretty sure the majority of them are in my fav;s over at SIS. lol!

i wish i had scrapped something every month of this year that i actually liked. i guess thats a good

keep it up girl. you're a total inspiration!

krista said...

love them all!!!!! thanks for sharing!!!!

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