Friday, October 17, 2008


I have nothing crafty of mine to share today. G busted up some muscles in his neck so I have been caring for him. He should be better in a few days, but the poor guy can barely turn his head. So, the focus of this blog is going to be things that I am inspired by right now as I have found them on the internets. :D

My local craft store just got these new (to me at least) Amy Butler Daisy Chain fabrics. Blue, green and grey? Yes please. (Image is courtesy of Amy Butler's site)

I've recently found a delightful site called Uppercase. Beautiful design, and interesting topics to read about as well. Check out the lovely series written on typewriters. But best of all, look at the lovlies in their shop! (Image below is from the Uppercase site) Good stuff.

Speaking of typewriters, have you ever heard of typecasting? Per the explanation on the Classic Typewriter Page, "Typecasting is an increasingly popular form of blogging in which writers compose on typewriters, scan their work, and upload it to a web site." What a delightful concept! Strikethru also has a great explanation here.

A new Macrina bakery has just opened up down the street from my work. Their cookbook is one of my favorites. The photography in the book is delicious and the food is simply yummy!

Speaking of gastronomy, love the pancake experiments happening at NotMartha.

Crazy as it seems, I am thinking about the Christmas holiday season already. I still haven't finished my minibook about last Christmas. I am having major creative block with how to finish it. However, I am excited to think about projects for handmade gifts. Like this candy cane sugar scrub. (Image from the Natural Beauty Workshop site)

Super excited to participate in Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas this year. It doesn't start until December 1st, but I am very much looking forward to it. I cannot say enough good stuff about Shimelle's classes.

Speaking of classes, I signed up for Dina Wakely's Art Journaling class. It starts on October 20, So I have a little time to get stuff done and get my space cleaned up before the class starts. I love the way that she does layering and I have really been getting into art journaling, so this is perfect for right now.

Alright, enough blogging for now. Hope your Friday is going well.

Peace out.


Lisa said...

ok i tabbed like all of your links, so i'm going to scope them out now lol! yeah i love the new amy b fabrics but my fabric store picks and choses their's so hit and miss. i have more luck on etsy...but i could get lost looking at fabric there forever lol

inara said...

hello my fellow NW christina! you always have the best links, it is so educational for me to visit your site and then follow your links! it's like a free art and culture class for me each week! thanks so much! I always make my gifts each year also, I have no idea what I'm making yet this year...hmmmmmmmmmm...

krystyn said...

Oh! That candy cane scrub is neat. I may have to look into making some too!! Wonder where I can find the makings.

Mandi said...

I love the uppercase too. :)
Oh and by the way, the sneak peaks you posted are looking licious! :)

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