Tuesday, October 14, 2008


A little progress made. On many different things, it seems.

The photo above is a little preview of a layout made with the SS October kit. Slowly getting back in the scrapping groove. A few more things to finish. Also still working on editing and uploading the unending pile of Europe photos.

Speaking of a pile of photos...
I have been experimenting with my packfilm camera. I have learned a lot about lighting and exposure and especially, camera shake. I don't think anything is really good enough to share, but when I get a few that are decent, I will surely post them.

I am slowly getting used to the new blog design. It is a bit of a change. The background behind the text ended up more grey than cream (which is what I had intended originally)... But I think I will leave it for now. For a moment there I was torn between this scheme and a dark grey/gold+olive theme, but I am liking the warm colors better for a Fall theme. The background is a scan from a recent art journal page and the header is also from an art journal I worked on for the Steady Hand Faulty Heart class.. I like it quite a bit. We'll see how long it lasts though...I have a few other things I still want to tweak, here and there as well....

Anyway, it seems like Fall really is in full swing now. There were pumpkins at the market, which was a little weird, because there was no sign of Halloween or anything while we were gone. So getting back now and seeing all the hoopla and decorations is a little startling. The white pumpkins are my favorite. :DI also very happy today because I have just finished clothes (and shoe) shopping for the Autumnal months. Apparently my new favorite colors are grey, purple and black because I did not deviate from any of those colors in any of my purchases. It has been raining off and on since we got back, so I am glad for pretty layered outfits and warm shoes. Planning to get some photos done if the weather/lighting conditions cooperate. Especially of the shoes. Mmmm shoes. Seriously, I got these little pointy-toed flats that I am just crazy about... Okay, I will stop now.

Have you ever heard of Gear Acquisition Syndrome? Apparently I have it. My little Argus got some new TTV friends over the last month that I forgot to mention. A Brownie Starflex, a Kodak Duaflex and (especially neat) an all plastic Bedfordflex (related to the Diana camera).
I love how different the photos are with each camera. I actually did shoot some new TTV images, but they are in queue behind the Europe photos, so we'll be seeing those up in a bit.

Alright, obviously my to-do list is not getting any shorter, but I must be off to bed.

Happy Tuesday!


stephanie said...

im having an instant camera phase. i constantly have auctions on ebay im watching and have just won an EE100 Special; in fact im sat here waiting for the postman!

Beth Perry said...

Ok, white pumpkins are my fave too! And you picked the right colors for your fall clothes..purple and grey. I guess that is this year's fall colors, b/c I just got the new OPI nail polish in both grey and purple..that's funny!

I can't wait to see the whole project you showed a preview of. Looks cool and "fall"-like :P

Have a good day!

Genevieve said...

Love the new design, you give me hope for all us Bloggers who don't want to switch to Typepad, lol. Love the white pumpkins too!

Elaine said...

i believe... that your new header is remarkable. I just love it.

Also, your photos are so inspiring! Can't wait to see what you have from Europe, I'm sure they're beyond fabulous!


Lisa said...

everything you do is magic. seriously. i'm feeling out of the creative groove this week. how do you do it? lol

looove the new look of the blog! can't wait to see more yummy pictures! happy wednesday :)

Mandi said...

yippeee! I'm so glad you're back! :) I love white pumpkins too.

Lindsay said...

I feel like I haven't stopped by here in forever...eee! Love the new look. I feel I need to update mine, I just haven't sat down to do it yet. Love white pumpkins, but the ones I REALLY love are those large, whimsical reddish ones...you know, like the ones by Hagrid's hut in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban...love! We've got a cluster on our front steps with orange, white and red. And then I've got gourds and mini pumpkins stuck throughout the house. Have you ever seen the mini white pumpkins? So cute! Hope you're well. :)

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