Thursday, November 6, 2008


I kind of love this tree. It is just across the sidewalk in front of my house. I took this photo last week and it just kind of makes me happy.

It's getting so cold. I just want to swathe myself in polar fleece and hide under the covers with a mug of cocoa and a book...Instead I am doing other things. Learning the new job. Working out (three weeks and going strong...) Shopping for my first laptop. Fiddling with my film cameras. Working on items to sell at the holiday bazaar and the etsy shop. Excited for CKC Seattle and my letterpress workshop later this month. Watching tv on Hulu and dvd. That's pretty much it though. I have vague plans to document a week in the life Ali Edwards style sometime this month. We'll see.
I have been working on Sweet Spuds stuff. And we are having a little contest this month. If you post your layouts/minis/altered items, that you've made using the October kit in the Flickr Sweet Spuds group we (the DT ladies) will choose two winners for a fabulous prize. You have until Tuesday, November 11th, and if you've already loaded your October work then you're already in the contest.
Have a great Thursday. Or Friday, whatever. :D

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View from the Hilltop said...

that is a lovely tree! love the yellow leaves!
it's always fun doing some laptop shopping and playing w/ old film cameras!
have a great weekend!

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