Friday, November 7, 2008

Scraps and Fabric ATCs

you know, can do a whole lot with just an itty bit of fabric.

I got to test this theory recently, as I was lucky enough to get to participate in Kristi's Unswap for Dare 104. You can check out the other cool things that were made on the Dares site.

Tragically, my sewing machine Bella has been busted for the last few weeks. I did something wrong with the bobbin and thread got all wound up in the bottom of the machine. I need to do a little thread extraction surgery before she is usable again. I just haven't had time to go in there with the knife and tweezers.

So what is a girl to do when given a cute pile of fabric and no sewing machine? Gesso on canvas squares, cut up some fabric bits, paint and stamp away, of course.

I made fabric artist trading cards. Mmm tactile goodness. I haven't done any ATC's in ages, so this was really fun to do.

I punched holes in the "cards" and made a cover using an acrylic ATC from Maya Road. Just like a little D. Reeves cover, I swear.

I made this little layout with the rest of the leftover scraps and things that were laying on my desk: a blurry polaroid, a playing card, some sequins. I also used one of the glitz roller stamps. Gina got me hooked on them. I have the dots, the grid and two of the numbers ones. They are so fun to play with!

That's all for now. Happy Friday!


A.S.K.-P. said...

Your ATCS are AWESOME Christina! I LOOOVE them! Any chance any of them are up for trade?

Ashley Wren said...

your stuff makes me want to cuss.
in a good way though.
you are a genius.

iowapapergirl said...

That's a whole lot of ATC fabulousness! I'm with Ashley-you are a genius. That's why I stalk your blog!

Message to self: Buy canvas.

Genevieve said...

I checked the Dares site yesterday and I saw your stuff there, and I wondered "Is that Christina?" But of course it was! It's amazing, as usual, you're my scrap hero :)

Beth Perry said...

Those are killer ATC's and the layout is beautiful! So freaking cool!

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