Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Recap

October 31st was certainly an adventure.
Started off pretty normal. Then I suited up as a supervillain and went to work. Wore my mask, gloves and my booty-kickin boots. Also wore my faux-dredlocks. Good times.

Unfortunately, everyone kept thinking that I was a superHERO. Of course I wasn't, and I had to explain that I was up to no good, like a proper villain should be.
At work there were lovely spooky decorations.
And a ton of spiders. And spiderwebs. (Yikes!)
That night we had Halloween party at home. It had a Mad Scientist theme. We had two large blacklights and plastic sheeting draped everywhere. We got some chalkboards and wrote funny equations on them. We encouraged people to wear lab coats.
We gave the kids who trick or treated at our house their candy in these lovely biohazard bags.
Here is Greg in his costume (I made the creepy doctor headband thing).
One of his passions is mixology, so he ordered test tubes from a medical supply company. We used them as shotglasses.
For our tasty adult beverage punch, instead of plastic cups, we had people use these large medical syringes to drink from (sans needles, obviously).
There are quite a few other pictures from the evening. Some of which have not yet been edited and will be included in the minibook I am planning to make (yay Target clearance section). And... there are some other photos which are completely inappropriate to post on the internet and will remain on my hard drive as blackmail material (yes, Devon and Mitch, THOSE photos, hehe.).

Anyway. A little bit more on some creative stuff later. Must get back to cleaning. The house is finally back in a semblance of order, now I am just working on my craft stash. I have been trying to purge, with varying degrees of success.

Hope your weekend was awesome.


Genevieve said...

Ooooh! Looks like you had a lot of fun, can't wait to see more pics! Great party idea! Can't wait to see some creative stuff too, as always :)

The Creative Type said...

That sounds like a fun halloween themed party. Great idea!!

Vanessa (danzer53) said...

i always love your pictures! and that party looks like it was so fun!

View from the Hilltop said...

looks like a lot of fun!!!
gotta love the test tube shot glasses! :)

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