Sunday, November 16, 2008

right now.

photo taken friday in the mall bathroom.

is that too weird? I hope not. I am loving those Ali Edwards text brushes right now. I have no tablet and atrocious cursive, so I think those little loopy letters are just the perfect accent to a photo. I think there is a sale on at designer digitals until Tuesday.

The prior photo (and the one above) was taken with my little Canon powershot SD1100IS. It's been my purse camera since right before Europe. Good stuff, though I think the Rebel is getting jealous.

Now, the photo above I altered quite a bit with photoshop actions, but crazily enough, the photo in the post below was not altered at all, except to add the text. Sometimes I just get lucky with a shot.

CKC was great. I got some good deals on some stuff I had been wanting, and did my first make and takes ever. I learned some great new techniques at the glimmer mist booth and I behaved myself budget-wise, except that I went a little crazy at the Fontwerks booth. I'll get a photo of my loot up in the next post. The best part was that I got to hang out with a bunch of the local girls from SIS on Saturday, esp my homeskillet Tracy (aka Tallynt). Had such an awesome time.

Enjoying a chill day at home today. Going to do laundry and some other chores, then work on the new mojo and my 2008 Christmas mini. To be honest, it is nearly 2 pm and I haven't even gotten out of my jammies. It's kind of nice to laze around, considering how hectic this last week has been.

I did finish up with my Sweet Spuds stuff. The gallery should be up later in the week. But until then, here is a little sneak for you:

That's all for now. Have a good one.


Lisa said...

so i think we should definitely go shopping together. i have a little inner goth in me just waiting to emerge :) all i wear are jeans...and you wear skirts all the time. love it! and whats funny is i used to work at hot topic and i dressed the part. and now i'm with a jeans and t shirt harley man who's made me into a jeans and t shirt gal. *sigh* i miss dressing up! lol

thanks so much for the link to the stamp shop! you rock :)

Beth Perry said...

Your sneak peek looks yummy! Can't wait to see more.
And no,it is not too weird (your self photo) lol It actually looks pretty cool.
Hope you had a good weekend!

redmom said...

Lovin' your Spuds peek! Bathroom photo, strange...well yes, but totaly fun!! ;)

Sharmaine said...

I love your mall bathroom photo!!
Looking forward to the arrival of my sweet spudly stuff!!

Mandi said...

I so thought at first that you had written on the mirror! Fabulous sneaks as always dear.

Aimee said...

hi christina, i lurrve that hambly bicycle paper, i have some but am hoarding it. it was nice meeting you saturday!

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