Monday, November 17, 2008

a taste of the weekend

Here's a little something to make Monday a little less blah.

So, I took Friday off work to go to CKC, but before I bussed out to Bellevue, I went downtown and had a little adventure at Pike Place Market.

Let's think about lovely weather.
And flowers
Having crumpets and tea (really, I don't always drink coffee. Also it was delicious).
Graffitti/street art in Post Alley (under the Market, sort of)
And Anthro/Urban goodness.
There, isn't that better? I love that kind of stuff. Hope your weekend was good as well.
Happy Monday.


Lisa said...

awesome photos. especially love the graffiti! i have a thing about wanting to photograph it lately too..

Gladie said...

Love the graffiti, too! Those pics would make awsome backgrounds for any urban LOs :)

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