Thursday, December 11, 2008

December 11

So I went down to Michaels today to get some crafty goodness for a friend's birthday present (can't show it until she sees it, just in case). I loved looking at all the little ornaments and the wreaths and the poinsettas. Loved the smell of cinnamon (now much mellowed) pincones. Very festive.

Going to wait until next weekend for Operation: Wreath, but it was still good to do some browsing and to get some ideas.

I did pick up a few ornaments and my wrapping paper for this year. I am going with a holiday plaid and kraft. Tied with a natural fiber or raffia, haven't decided which yet. And handmade tags to finish it all.

Still need to do more shopping before the paper is actually required, but it was good to get that off the list.

Photos above are faux-ttv. I miss shooting with my little Argus, but people get testy when you try to use a contraption in a store. Hopefully I can do some TTV for reals soon. I am planning a little excursion Downtown next weekend for shopping and to see my town all decked out in holiday finery.

Speaking of ornaments, I found this cute little video tutorial on how to make a nice 3d scallop circle thingy. Looks like fun. And a good use for some extra punched circles.


mika said...

your blog and photos are so nice
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Elaine said...

oh all these photos are so lovely! I'd love to learn how you do your faux ttv. I have a camera I can do actual ttvs with but I haven't made it that far yet! haha.

sometime I'd love to know your faux secrets. :]

Lisa said...

lovin the faux ttv's! i haven't done any in a long while either..

Heather said...

Thank you!! The fabric was inspired by a little mini I saw on the Dares a while back.

Before I read what you wrote on this post I thought, "she's so brave, bringing in her ttv contraption to the store!" Haha. Well you could have fooled me, you did a great job with the faux ttv's!!

Melissa said...

love those pictures...fabulous faux ttv's!

Beth Perry said...

Hey girlie! I want to see some of those ornaments and hear some of those stories..that would be neat!
Beautiful usual. :P

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