Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 15

The snow was a lovely thing on the weekend, but overnight it turned to ice. And sadly, come Monday morning, we all still had to go to work. Luckily, I live only a few miles away, and since the buses weren't running down the hill I decided to leave the car at home and walk.
Later at work we had a little holiday celebration. There were team gingerbread house decorating contests and a nice little potluck. I made some little candy snails for the yard, and did a few other things to the house. The great thing is that our team totally won! The prize was a donation to charity and we were so proud that our little house won.

And after work, more walking. This time in the dark. This is a photo I took while waiting for a train to finish crossing. I love the lighting. And I didn't do anything to it in photoshop at all. Just one of those lucky shots.

Later that night, a friend talked Greg and I into going to a movie, since the roads had cleared a bit. We saw The Punisher, which is not the most cheerful or festive of movies. I will refrain from saying details, as I do not wish to post spoilers. I will simply say that I wished it had been better because I am a fan of the lead actor (Tidus Pullo!).

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