Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 16

In which I attempt to go Christmas shopping at a mall.horrors.

It was pretty brutal. So I had to console myself by taking pictures of pretty things and then of course, stopping by the Paper Source.

Dear Santa. Can I have this please? Yum.
I also worked a bit on my december daily book. I'm kind of glad I am putting it together now, because I've realized based on the sheer number of photos I am taking, that the book is going to be HUGE. And that is okay with me.
I figure I'll get it done sometime before next Christmas. Just like the last one. :D

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Lisa said...

lovely lovely pictures! the only paper source near me is (thankfully) in the same city my parents live...2.5 hours away. it's one of my must-stop-shops while i'm there. i want everything.

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