Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 17

This is how I have been starting my days: Espresso Truffle latte and the White Stripes. Highly motivating, I swear.

I finally feel like I am getting in the groove at work. It was a very good day. I finished 98% of my Christmas shopping online. I went out for delicious mexican burritos for dinner. Doom storm 2008 totally passed us over today. (Phew. I did not want to have another four days of ice and snow!)

I only took the one photo today. But luckily, the Sweet Spuds gallery is up. Check it out!

Here are the layouts I made with the super fun December kit. I think these are some of my very favorite pages ever.
Happy Wednesday!


lililali said...


Beth Perry said...

OMG, Christina!!!!!!!!!!
Those layouts are killer!!!!
The second one is my absolute fave! I so love the splatter paint! Very cool. I am going to check out the gallery now.
Have a good day!

Lisa said...

yes i agree, some of your best pages ever! you rock it girl!

i went to starbucks last night and stared at them with my mouth hanging open when they told me they were out of white mocha. OUT?! it didn't compute lol i had to actually look at the menu...and revert back to my skinny vamilla latte. it was definitel NO peppermint white mocha!

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