Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 2

a quiet day, today.

and yet the crafting craziness continues....
These are sneaks of my take on the next Mojo challenge. hugely inspired by Lindsay, but with my own little spin on it.

Worked on some ornaments and worked on the magnets some more (there is only so long I can expose myself to those kind of fumes).

Took some self portraits, most of which ended up double exposed and weird because of the night lighting.

I bought this from a shop on etsy:
Love it soo much. Here comes Santapus, here comes Santapus. Right down Santapus lane...
And on that note....
Happy Tuesday. :D

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Marit said...

Hi there Christina
Thanks so much for your nice comment on my (just started) blog! I feel like a little child, looking every day at my blog and when I find sweet comments I start the (cold and rainy) day singin'!!! (happy you can't hear that - I can't sing) Love your blog and scrapwork - you made me curieus to see the next challenge on Scrapmojo... Hope to see you around, Marit

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