Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 3

Had a lovely day at work.
My Target dollar spot "grow your own Christmas tree" tree seems to be thriving. I am pleased, because I usually don't have very good luck with plants. I don't think it will be big enough by Christmas time, though I will remain hopeful.
It was a very Starbuck-sy day.
Exercised my partner shopping week discount to purchase a mug (like I need more, really) and some ornaments.
Also some pressies, but those cannot be shown for obvious reasons. ;)

I think my holiday word for today will be "joy."

Yesterday's was obviously, "hope."
I don't think I blogged this before, but I'm picking a word for each day. I'm liking it because I think it might make the journaling a little easier, down the road. Or just something to focus my thoughts or activities around. Or you know, it will make a good page-title, whatever. ;)


Lisa said...

totally bought the red cup ornament today for a friend :) and i loooove that mug with the words. love.

also - i decided on a rebel xs. after much comparison i think it will do. now i hope my mom doesn't change her mind! i wasn't supposed to know but lee can't keep a secret haha

Elizabeth said...

ooooh, I've been eyeballing that new mug for almost a week now!! thinks I need one :)

Lindsay said...

Okay...tell did you do it? How did you get your Target dollar spot tree to grow? Every time I buy a plant from the dollar spot, I get it to sprout and then immediately I seem to kill it. I thought maybe they just were never really capable of true growth, but clearly, it's just me, haha. Seriously though, love the holiday eye candy!

Hope you're well!

* said...

I dont think that tree will be big enough for Christmas either! But its oh so cute, it reminds me of the start of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Beth Perry said...

Beautiful sneaks below!

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