Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December 24

Christmas Eve.

The day started off with a lovely snowstorm (again!).

Sadly, I still had to go into work, despite the fact that I was 99% certain I would be sent home early. So, I bundled up, grabbed my umbrella and set off down the hill yet again. (Gee, I really miss driving to work.) At work, there was a very festive atmosphere. And I tried to remain productive. I really did. Until I came back from my first break and they told us we could all go home at 12:30.
What is a girl to do? Go Downtown of course.
I hadn't actually gone to downtown Seattle since the decorations went up, so I was very excited to go and see the Westlake tree and the carousel and perhaps do a little last minute shopping.... or as actually happened, early birthday shopping for myself. :D

A little trip to Anthro and Urban, some new wool socks... a little coffee at Nordstroms. Just perfect. There was a bit of magic in the air, I think. I even lucked out and quickly caught a good bus home.

Once I warmed up a bit, I proceded to bake molasses cookies (thanks Martha!). And then I put the finishing touches on the ornaments I made for Greg's mum.
I think they turned out lovely.

Hope your Christmas Eve was filled with peace and happiness.
Note: I am going to attempt to get the blog all caught up as soon as I can, but life sure gets crazy this time of year, neh?


Beth Perry said...

The Westlake Tree is absolutely gorgeous! And I really like the second two pics of the snowstorm photos...very cool and somewhat eerie.

I hope you have a great day!


Lisa said...

sounds like a magical day to me! glad you had a good one :) my christmas eve was wonderful as well!

Marit said...

Last day of the year, just a quick visit to wish you and your loved ones all the best in this about-to-begin new year!!! See you on the internet, Love, Marit

sara berry said...

Your photos are gorgeous! The ornaments look so cool--I wish I could see them up close. I want to learn how to make those in 2009, I guess I should put that on my list! Happy New Year!

shelly b said...

great photos...very inspirational.

Bekka said...

Just popping in to say Happy New Year! I hope 2009 is an amazing year for you!

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