Thursday, December 25, 2008

December 25

Christmas Day dawned bright and clear.
The snow had stopped! Huzzah. We slept in until about 10 and then got ready to go have some Christmas. Sadly, my Amazon order had never showed up, so we had some last minute wrapping and I.O.U.s to make.
Then we headed over to G's parent's house for delicious waffles and presents!
There was much rejoicing and delight when the gifts were passed around.
I got some very lovely things. A journal, a calendar, a necklace, a velvet shawl. and a parasol (that one was from my sweetie). All very unexpected and delightful.
Here is me wearing the shiny new necklace that I received: After the gifts were all disbursed I took a nap on the very comfy couch in the living room while the menfolk played MarioKart.
Later there was some yummy dinner and celebrating with friends.
And some sweet desserts. It was a very Merry Christmas!
Hope you had a great day filled with cheer, friends, good food, and good times.

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Bekka said...

Your photos are so much fun to look at. And now I have a sudden craving for waffles. :)

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