Sunday, December 7, 2008

December 6

Writing this a bit late as I have been luxuriating in the laziness of my weekend.

Anyway, so... Saturday.
This is what homemade oatmeal looks like when Greg makes it. Steel cut oats with buttermilk and fresh fruit. Yummy. Am I a lucky girl or what?
I slept in very late on Saturday. It was wonderful. Then I just chilled out and read a book for most of the remainder of the morning.

The rest of the day was really occupied with photographing and listing things for the Etsy shop.
I am really really really happy by how the photos turned out. I think they look awesome.
I have a few more things to list, mostly glass magnets and such.

Oh... Here's a little Wizard of Oz moment for you. As you can see here, this is one of the backdrops I used when shooting the listing photos:
Pretty, right? Now... here is the wide angle view:
I hope "seeing behind the curtain" didn't ruin it for you.
I just think it's a little funny what photographers do sometimes to get the perfect shot. Like when we do that one camera angle that totally hides the double chin thing. You know what I am talking about. And besides, you know I am all about accessorizing anyway. :D
So... that was pretty much my day.
Back later to blog Dec. 7th.


Mandi said...

haha I totally know what you mean about the jerry rigging of photos.... and about self shots too! :)

Oh... and just had to letcha know, the word verification is actually a word! "rests" ahhhh isn't that nice. ;)

Beth Perry said...

HA!! I love the "behind the scenes"!
And I am the queen of taking photos of myself! (or taking them with me and friends). I know where to perfectly angle the camera with my arm extended and the exact position my head needs to be.. and we are talking 20lbs off, my friend! lol

Genevieve said...

Haha, yes, I know exactly what you mean about the self shots and the angles (and especially the double chins)...editing reality, that's what we do! :)

View from the Hilltop said...

great stuff!
love all the goodies you made!

i TOTALLY know what you mean about what we do to get a good photo!

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