Friday, January 2, 2009

Birthday Girl

yup. today is my birthday.
I am a big fan of lists. I think they really say a lot about where you are right now and what you want or want done. And so, alright, my list from last year didn't get one hundred percent accomplished, but I think I made a pretty big dent in it. Let's move on.
Here is my list for this year:
27 things to do before I turn 28
  1. Take a real photography class
  2. Get a tripod.
  3. Learn what a light meter is and what it does.
  4. Take lots of pictures
  5. Back up digital pictures every month
  6. Begin work on a quilt
  7. Get a massage. Soon.
  8. Moisturize every day. (Not getting any younger)
  9. Sleep more.
  10. Focus on simplicity
  11. Keep up the workout routine
  12. Take better care of the car
  13. Maintain "use it or lose it policy" re: stuff
  14. Go to Portland
  15. Play with Keri Smith books
  16. Put pictures in picture frames
  17. Finish the three minibooks sitting on my desk right now
  18. Take a letterpress class
  19. Learn how to cook a really good curry from scratch
  20. Do something better with the Etsy shop
  21. Prep for Christmas projects starting in September
  22. Investigate the possibility of moving to a new place
  23. Go to the zoo
  24. Have a dinner party
  25. Blog frequently
  26. Acquire new+good music frequently
  27. Spend lots of time with Greg
Wish me luck.
My birthdays tend to be pretty low-key, and today was no exception.

Got up, got some coffee. Checked out the goods at the thrift store (no, I didn't buy that typewriter. Surprised by three bouquets of flowers and a cookie from the boy. Ran some errands and had dinner with G's folks. Scrapped a little. Watched some tv. It was a good day, if not terribly exciting. :D
Speaking of scrapping, here are some sneak peeks of the new mojo challenge coming up on the fifth. The January Sweet Spuds kit is also up for sale. Check it out here. Lots of funky bright colors to chase the winter blahs away.
Still thinking about my word for 2009.
Have a great Friday.


allison said...

happy happy birthday!
glad that it was relaxing and enjoyable.
love that your list is full of things that are accomplishable. i always make my birthday lists way to over the top- it can get ridiculous.
hope that this time next year, everything is checked off, because it sounds like it is full of fun things.

Beth Perry said...

Happy birthday!
Yeah, I think my word for the year is Focus! I need to focus on all the goals that I want to accomplish this year.
Have a wonderful birthday! :P

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday, Christina!
Sounds like a lovely day! And I don't know how you resisted not buying the!

Love your list!


Jennifer said...

Happy Happy birthday Christina! Sounds like a perfect day.

redmom said...

Happy Birthday!!

Lisa said...

happy birthday darlin!!! here's to another year of greatness! you are amazing and i'm so glad to know you :)

Laura said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Bekka said...

Happy, happy birthday! Great list -- I hope you are able to do each and everyone of the things you listed (I particularly like the one about prepping Christmas projects in September).

Sounds like it's gonna be a great year!

* said...

Oh my goodness!! Happy Belated birthday my fellow Capricorn. I hope you had a great day:)

danilouwho said...

Happy birthday to you!! 27 is a lucky number for me, so I'm hoping it brings you lots of luck too!

commentary said...

Am I the only one amused that you have 27 things to do in the new year and one of them is focus on simplicity?

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