Thursday, January 15, 2009

thursday nothings

busy week.

working and making art and living life.
right now I am taking a break from sleeping off my fever to catch up on blogging.
being sick is no fun at all. thank goodness for soup. and the internet.
this week I made my first ever bundt cake (apple cake, yum).
lately, my computer has been making scary noises, particularly when I was using photoshop and when I would load fonts. Also it only had about one gig of space left... so when I found an insane deal (that involved calling Best Buy like eight times and stalking the store's delivery truck) I bought a new laptop.
It is very good. I had forgotten how good it is to have a fast computer. Playing around with the Europe photos in Photoshop. Going from things like this:
To this:I have decided on my word for 2009. I shall save that for a post that is slightly more dynamic though. And I shall have to make something pretty to share, no?
That's pretty much it around here though.
Going back to sleep now.
peace out.


Beth Perry said...

Hey girl! I hope you are feeling better!
Can't wait to see your word for the year and something pretty! YES, I want to see something pretty! lol

Elaine said...

All of your photos inspire me so much and make me wish that I had more time to take them.



Melissa said...

Hope you feel better!

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