Sunday, January 25, 2009

trying to

Sadly, I cannot find my camera cable right now so I am going photo-less on this post.

My room is in utter chaos.
I have been totally in full-on purge/clean/organize mode. Nothing is safe.

This article is really inspiring me right now.

I am trying very hard to overcome my packrat habits and just let things go.

The problem is that my bedroom is a tiny tiny space, and it serves as office, closet, bedroom and crafting place. But I am trying. Looking at websites like Apartment Therapy and Decor8 help.

Four bags of trash, two boxes of donations, a new chest of drawers and a new laundry system later.... I am just about ready to move on to the crafting portion of this nightmare.

Wish me luck.

Back later this week with some evidence of crafting and a tour of my new room. Yay!


running over nails that take out both tires on the right side of your car when you are in the middle of nowhere and 45 minutes from home really sucks. especially when it happens after 5:00 on a Sunday. Thank goodness for fix-a-flat.


Beth Perry said...

Ok, so let me try to leave you a comment for the second time! lol
I am soo into the purging this year as well. If I am not using it, then I am going to pass it onto someone that will (if said items are not total crap. lol)
Good luck!
And that totally sucks about the nails. :S

danilouwho said...

yeah, my bedroom is also all that for me. It's very frustrating at times. I've purged as much as I can (clutter drives me crazy!) but right now I just have to deal with it best I can until we get our new place in few months.

It always feels good to purge though!

Anonymous said...

i'm interested in your new laundry system! laundry can surely overtake one's life. i do laundry for 4. so any shortcuts are always welcomed. i'm gonna go check out that inspiring article.
thnx for sharing. can't wait to see pix.
i love your blog. i stalk mostly.

lynda in calif

Lee-Anna said...

First off, I am sooooo excited to have found you after all these years!!!!!! How have you been! Second, I am soooo glad that I am not the only one that has happened to! I pulled over to put my spare on the back passenger tire and ran over a another nail with the front one! LOL I am soo excited! I am into scrapbooking and such too and have recently taken on quilting. Alas, I do not have nearly enough time for either. And what is this I hear about you and pink?

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