Thursday, January 29, 2009

where I make stuff

I was actually planning on doing a video blog...but then both youtube and blogger video couldn't upload it. Ah well.

Here are some photographs instead.

These are my current favorite polaroids. They are just tucked in the bottom of my big mirror. I have been putting photos on this mirror like this since I was 13.Here is a fisheye view of my new desk setup. I put in the stamp shelf, flipped the corkboard and added some new desk-level storage racks.
This is a closeup of my new stamp storage area. Doesn't hold all of them, but enough that it looks pretty. Greg's mum found this great old typeset box and I got it secured to the wall. It makes me happy just looking at it.
Good thing that Stamper's Anonymous is doing pre-orders on their new CHA releases....

I got a new paint rack from a local stamp shop that is closing down. Sad for the shop, happy for me.Here's some storage... A few things on the wall...This is still very much in progress. I have a few other things I want to do to this area. But for now, it's good.
A few Valentines-ish things that are inspiring a project right now. For some reason, lately I have been really into pink. It's weird, but I am embracing it. And the new Prima releases (dang, if that doesn't help me get over my fear of flowers, I don't know what will).Anyway... here is little grouping on my inspiration cork board. (And again with the pink...)So... here's my bookshelf. It no longer holds books so much as craft supplies.
Here is some fabric storage. And some of my minibooks....
And my Target shelves full of shoes and cameras and clothes.That's pretty much it though. Hopefully the video will successfully download sometime before 2010. And then you can listen to me be a big dork. :D
Have a good one.


Multi Monitor said...

I love the multiple monitor computer setup. I have four monitors too! However, mine is two on bottom, two on top. Great Post!

Beth Perry said...

It all looks so great and organized. And very, very pretty! :D

rippticca said...

jajc.. I wish I would have that much art stuff in my room.. maybe some day xD
I like your style ;)

Marit said...

I'm falling in love with your stamp-shelf....

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