Sunday, March 29, 2009

hello to spring

Today we went to Alki Beach and ate a picnic brunch with food from our favorite bakery. Then we took a nice long walk and played in the tidepools. It was beautiful weather and we had great fun. We got to touch gooeyducks and starfish and see tiny little crabs.

I love living in Seattle. The best part is that I found a glass vase(?) in one of the tidepools. I have always wanted to find something cool like that at the beach.

I loved how it looked straight out of the sea, but it was a little too stinky to keep that way. I cleaned it up and now it is holding some of my paintbrushes. :D
Oh yes, I also took photos of my layouts:
Now I am going to play in my art journal and work on a new feature for the blog while I catch up on episodes of How I Met Your Mother.
Weekends are awesome.


Beth Perry said...

eeeek!! I love those layouts!!
And a big hello to Spring from me too! :D

Melissa said...

Yes, weekends are awesome! Love those pictures - sounds like a perfect day to me!

Marit said...

I was born & raised near the seashore (often go back there) and I just love your pics! The feeling of finding "treasures" is undiscribable! Love your lo's too!

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