Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Label Tulip Sneak Peeks

Still sick.

But I got some creating done anyway. Check it:

If you like that, be sure to check out the Label Tulip gallery tomorrow at 6pm PST for the full gallery reveal.

Speaking of LT, did you know that once per month a Tulip Girl picks a member layout from the gallery and all the Tulip Girl scraplift it? And that person gets a prize?

I'm just saying, you might want to go upload some stuff over there and say hi. There are some very nice people that hang out on that board.
I'll be be back tomorrow with my layouts, and some other things to share.
Now I must be away to the bookstore and to buy some soup for dinner.
Happy Tuesday.


Marit said...

Get well soon!!! Your sneak peeks make me wanna see more... I'll be back (or check at Tulip gallery

Anonymous said...

wow!!!! Your sneaks are incredible!!

A.S.K.-P. said...


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