Sunday, April 19, 2009

weekend recap

I have been such a bad blogger lately. Being sick has left me with absolutely zero creative energy. Been pretty much just going to work and coming home to veg out.

The two highlights of my week were the day we had beautiful blue skies and 60 degree weather, and the day I got a pretty red scarf for $1 at a Christmas clearance sale at work (it was part of a store display for SBC, but easily modified back into a normal scarf).Other than that, really nothing exciting. Well... I did have one of my LT layouts featured on the Hambly blog. You can see it here.

I started on another minibook. I know I shouldn't as there are about four other things ahead of it in the queue, but sometimes you just gotta work on what inspires you. I love the bright colors of this little pre-fab MAMBI book I found at Michaels the other day.

I am adding plenty of my own touches in order to customize it a bit. It's fun. I am currently waffling about what I want the theme to be... and which photos to use. I am leaning towards a TTV mini, as I haven't done anything with them in a while. But I might go with some graffitti pics... or maybe some photos from Alki. Hmmm, we'll see.
That is pretty much all for now. Hope your weekend is going well.
Happy Sunday.


Aimee said...

love the layout featured on the hambly blog... :) love the cute new pic of u!

Marit said...

Blue skies, red scarve and a coloured minibook... boy, I'm jalous of your weekend - mine was less fun...

Melissa said...

beautiful pictures!

Hope you feel better soon!

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous pics...and Aimee told me you, she and T are getting together. Guess who's uber jealous? :)

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