Monday, May 18, 2009

little notebooks

There is something very soothing and elementary about putting a pen or pencil to paper and just writing. Or doodling.

And I am such a sucker for cute little notebooks.

I really have issues maintaining and writing in them, but boy... do I love me some notebooks.
Have you seen the Walls notebook?
Of course, this little guy is one of my all time favorites. Lotta Jansdotter is good stuff.
These little hand books are my favorite blank books. I have a 5x5 that I use for pretty much just testing stamps and spray inks and making messes. It is similar to Dina's grunge book.

I used these city-specific moleskines when we were in Europe. They have little maps and useful pockets in them.

I still think blogging is easier though... but the blogger interface is not nearly so cute.


Potpouri said...

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badloi said...


badloi said...

grabhe na jud ka ah,,,ambot...maybe i could make it some of my reference...thanks for showing it to me...

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