Sunday, May 17, 2009

the weekend haps

It was quite a busy weekend. The sun was out!! And the temperature was above fifty!
I attended a street fair. Spent quality time with the boy. Had dinner with G's folks and communication with some of my own family.

It was pretty much mostly a stamp-tastic weekend though. Got my Catslife order on Friday.
So very excited to play with these. I have a strong liking for Catslife stamps... as you can see from my storage container....

And today I went to a stamp convention. Mostly for the Studios Blackbird/Invoke Arts booth. Always good demonstrations.
I also picked up a few things....
On the way home I swung by Impress and was actually quite impressed ('scuse the pun) by this card that was on display. Yes, those are individually punched flowers. Crazy.
And then I got to work on a little something for myself. I'll share more later. It's dark now so the photos won't look as pretty. ;)

Looking forward to my long weekend coming up this week. There's going to be a barbeque and a birthday celebration for one of the roommates.

Happy Sunday!


Beth Perry said...

You saw ALOT of inspiring work this weekend...FUN!! And it looks like you got some great stamps!! Can't wait to see that rest of 'house rules'. It looks gorgeous so far!

Stephanie said...

Lucky you! Sounds like a fab weekend ;)

Vee said...

love your new stamps, glad you had a sunny weekend. it wasn't here but some sun is on tap for the rest of the week! :)

Nicole said...

Christina, I love Catslife stamps also! I notice you order them unmounted - it looks like that anyway. Do you add your own mounting cushion? If so, what do you use? I'd love to know! :)

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