Tuesday, May 26, 2009

memorial day weekend recap

lots of time spent away from the internet recently. this was both good and bad.

Right now I am feeling a little out of touch with things... and work is basically a madhouse due to the short holiday week. Hoping to catch my balance again soon.
Anyway. my weekend was filled with the following things:

- bakery trips
- alki beach walks with my parasol
- dinner at my favorite restaurant
- pretty flowers
- cleaning and scrubbing the house
- costco run for a barbeque
- partying at said barbeque
- cleaning up after the barbeque
- finishing the SF book
- house hunting
- re-watching Farscape
- sleeping in.
I love long weekends.


Melissa said...

sounds like a little bit of wonderful! love the picture of your parasol!

amy lapi said...

omgggg where?!! did you get that umbrella?

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