Sunday, May 31, 2009

Soooo Guilty....

I admit that I have shamefully neglected this blog in the last two weeks.

It may be a result of the fact that my creative impulses and productivity have recently been in what I like to call a "slump." Also that I have been doing A LOT of stuff in the real world that take up time+energy which normally get allocated to relaxation+creative time. Thus, blogging hiatus.

Happily, I think my slump might be coming to an end. Yesterday, as I was taking a break from scrapping to read the newest CK, I saw an article about scrapping about your blog (so meta, I know). I realized that I had better get some real blogging done, and soon. After I finished this layout, of course:
Plans to blog nearly every day this week (thanks future dated posting!).
Here are things that I think are exciting right now:
Pretty Amy Butler Fabrics and Prima felties.
EK Sucess Punches (related to the Martha punches I love).
I got the diamond scallop, this amazing Moroccan lace one and one called swiss cheese (?). Sorry no link yet, it does not appear to be on their site. I got them at M's though...
Very very excited for the new BG releases. The colors seem perfect for summer.
They won't be out for a bit, so I picked up some Urban Prarie for a little mini to tide myself over till the actual release. ;)

June is going to be a very exciting month. It is the boy's birthday, and I am going to try to get the Europe book done so I can go on another vacation
I think that is it for now.

Tomorrow... post on the SF mini. Promise.

Happy Sunday!


Melissa said...

Have a happy week! Love that Amy Butler fabric..yum!

remember moments said...

Those EK punches ARE wonderful, aren't they!!

Stephanie said...

I love the BG stuff. Can't wait for Lemonade to come out!

amy lapi said...

looove that layout!

Bekka said...

Cute punches! Those BG releases are really enticing. :)

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