Monday, June 1, 2009

New SF minbook pages

Well.. the highlights, anyway.
So... I started this minibook back in 2007, shortly after we came back from a trip from San Francisco, CA. In fact, this was the first minbook I ever made with "real" scrapbook supplies. All Love Elsie Toby, baby. Awww yeah.

You can see it here.

After about 22 pages, I got tired. And frustrated. And hit scrapper's block, big time. So I put it aside to work on other things.

Until recently, when G's ultimatum (no future vacations until all prior vacations have been scrapped) forced me to try and tackle the beast again. I will have to say, it is my typical mini-sized maxi book. I have not bothered to try and count the number of pages, but there are 3inch bookrings holding it together. (When I find my stash of Toby ribbon I am going to re-bind it with that.)

Anyway, here are some shots of my favorites of the new stuff.
I think eventually I might re-photograph the whole thing and re-post it. But I simply don't have the time right now.

Thanks for looking!


Marit said...

OH.MY! This is stunning!

Genevieve said...

Wonderful! It's nice to look back on past projects, and I'm with you on having minis/pages that are only half done, I tell myself all the time that I will go back and finish them, but alas it hasn't happened yet...

amy lapi said...

this book is ridonculous eye candy.. :)tfs

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