Tuesday, August 4, 2009

weekend recap

This last weekend was again crazy full of life and activities. In addition to varioius social engagments an attending urban craft uprising, I got a haircut, went shopping, and took care of some car maintenance.

My weekend also included some of the best antiquing/thrifting ever. In addition to a really great vintage copy of the Annotated Alice, I got a pristine polaroid 100 land camera with leather case and close up kit for a ridiculous price at the antique shop. Now I just have to mod it to accept the proper batteries. Good stuff.

Anyway here are more snapshots of the weekend:
It was beyond thrilling to see the Fall issue of Artful Blogging on shelves (with my photo on the cover!). I'm still tickled pink about the opportunity. :)

And JoAnn's had the holiday EK success punches in...and on 40% off sale. A few of them may have come home with me that day. And although I didn't get it, isn't that penguin the cutest thing ever?
Hope tomorrow is sunny... I finished the Alki book and now need to photo it. And then blog it, of course. :)
Have a great night!


Jen said...

ooooo, the new Artful Blogging, I'm so jealous!!

Mandi said...

I would've loved to have gone to the craft thingy! Man, I would love to come visit you just once.

I'm going to have to look at the artful blogging mag!

Melissa said...

you take the best pictures. looks like it was a great weekend!

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