Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bits & Pieces Kit Reveal

So here it is:

- 1 Handmade fabric and chipboard mini book with silver grommets
- 2 One inch silver book rings
- 1 Art mounted rubber stamp with exclusive design by Coffee Girl Crafts
- 12 double-sided 6x6 pieces of Amy Butler Lucky Flowers pattern paper
- 1 single-sided 6x6 piece of woodgrain K&Company pattern paper
- 5 sheets 6x6 cardstock (white, cream, kraft, khaki, brown)
-4 acrylic transparency sheets (4.5x6.5)
- 1 Sheet woodgrain contact paper
- 2 Pages graph notebook paper
- 2 Pages wide ruled notebook paper
- 10 assorted vintage dictionary and textbook pages (Maths, French, Latin)
- 14 Hand-stamped journaling labels
- 6 Hand-painted chipboard buttons
- Various embellishments including a strip of cork, a 12 inch length of brown ribbon, two playing cards, four vintage buttons and 15 punched embellishments (tabs, tags and journaling spots).


There will be an Online Workshop available as a companion to the kit. The pace of the workshop will be very relaxed. Participants will be able to work at their own pace. And after the "live" part of the class is over, participants will have access to the private blog for at least one year.

There will be journaling prompts, technique tutorials, photography tips, links to really cool online resources, plus some class-exclusive digital content designed by me. Workshop participants will have access to a private blog, a private Flickr group for sharing photos and a PDF of all lessons covered in the class.
Here is a sample shot of the class blog:
Additionally, my Etsy shop will be stocked with a second stamp design in addition to the main kit stamp, paper packs of the Amy Butler and vintage papers, and a few sets of the hand stamped labels and hand-painted chipboard buttons (just in case you want extra). And in case you were as excited about this as me, there are some widgets for your blog over there on the right.


The good news is that except for the stamps, these kits are all ready to be sold and sent off to their new happy homes.
The bad news is that because I don't have the stamps I cannot list the kits for sale... I am SO sorry, but I want to make sure the stamps are A) usable and B) that I have the right costs for shipping (especially for international).
Also as I will be out of town for the majority of next week (and literally without access to internet) I am most likely going to have to delay the sale of the kits until the end of the month.
I promise to have a biiig ol announcement (and tweet) about it when it does go on sale for real.
Thank you so much for your patience and kind words. Please email me or comment on this post with any questions, comments or feedback. I really do appreciate it.
Take care and happy crafting.


RachelG said...

Can I reserve a kit?

Melissa said...

beautiful!!! can't wait until they go on sale!! Love the design of the stamps too!!

K13 said...

Oh I can't wait 'til they go on sale. It looks great!!!

milkcan said...

Wow! The kits are *gorgeous*!!!!

heyjenrenee said...

SWOON. everything is so perfect and awesome. loving the colors+patterns! so very much. :)

Jennifer said...

Wow ... beautiful! I can't wait until they're for sale!! (And the stamps are *fabulous* -- definitely worth the wait.)

A.S.K.-P. said...

The bad news may end up being good news for me because I will have a little bit of extra money and will be able to afford one @ the end of the month! YEAH!

Karolynah said...

Everything looks amazing! Love how everything goes together without being matchy-matchy. We'll wait 'till everything's ready!

Aimee said...

I'm squealing. I love it. This is genius. I totally want one :)

How are you, friend ?

alissa said...

i totally want one and i can't wait! :) can i reserve one?

awesome kit!


Sasha said...

I WANT ONE .. for real

Kaytee said...

This kit is wonderful!!!! I would like one!!

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