Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Polaroid Interlude

When I got The Mustache (my Polaroid SX-70) I decided I wanted my first pack of film to be proper SX-70 film. So I picked up some TZ Artistic and loved the grungy, faded results.

Well, a few days a go, I got the chance to pick up some fresh film via The Impossible Project via Urban Outfitters. (If you get a chance, please help save polaroid... I even asked Santa to send me some for Christmas this year.)

Anyway, one of the things about using the more modern 600 or 779 film is that the SX-70 needs a little bit of a mod in order for the film to expose properly.

See the photos below? Exact same subject, shot at about the same time (at night, in my room).

The photo on the right was taken with the Mustache au naturale with the new film. I had the knob all the way on dark and it still overexposed the heck out of that photo.

The photo on the left is after I used a circle punch and some glue dots to (very carefully) adhere a 2-stop ND filter piece over the lens of the camera, avoiding the gears, of course. And as you can see, it turned out much better. The filter does make the viewfinder a little dark, but manageable.

I just like to think that the Mustache is wearing shades.


Melissa said...

great picture!!! i SO want some of that polaroid film...I'm hoping that this job pans out that I had an interview for so I can help with the Impossible Project as well :-)

Have a great week!

Beth Perry said...

happy friday!

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