Sunday, October 11, 2009

The haps

Not getting a lot of blogging done lately, but I promise I am in full on crafty mode over here.

Seems like there isn't enough time in the day... I am going to put the blame for that on the short days that have snuck up on me. It is just wrong to go to work when it is dark and not get home until it is dark. Maaan. I love the fall, but I really miss those long days of summer sunlight.

Anyway, crafty happenings. Working on the Label Tulip October kit. You can see sneaks of the kit here. It's really fun to work with. My sneaks will be posted here as soon as I can get a decent daylight photo (see above re: daylight issues). Also, the kit includes a bottle of Shimmerz. I am so so excited about this product. The spray effect is awesome---it is much more circular and fine than either Glimmer Mist or Color Wash. Making some really fun stuff with it. ;)

Working on B+P class stuff. You can still sign up and follow along if you'd like. Here are some sneak peeks for tomorrow's lesson:

Also working on a submission for something I really really want but probably won't get.

Need to submit stuff for publication because I am a big slacker in that's really true that if you don't submit you won't get published. Sigh. I am so bad at emails and submitting though. I just need to buckle down and get it done. I think it is because I am afraid to be rejected again and again, so I reject them before I can be rejected. Does that make any sense?

Anyway... Martha Stewart Crafts just put out a bunch of really cute new products and Michaels. Tons of new punches and flocking and foiling kits. These are some of the Christmas punches!

Yum! Again, huzzah for coupons!

Ohhh, and the big news around here is that I got a Slice! I had heard really good things about it from online reviews and I got to demo it in a Halloween class I took recently (which will be blogged shortly) and I really liked it. So early Christmas for me! Yay. It is working pretty good so far. I'll have to use it a bit more before I'm ready to give it a full on review here on the blog.

And that's all for tonight. Need sleep. Tomorrow is a new workday.

Hope your weekend was great.


Vel said...

Can't wait to see the full reveal of the Oct. kit...looks so awesome from the sneaks. And you're right about the submitting thing and's probably the #1 reason I don't ever submit to anything. :/

Beth Perry said...

yeah, I have heard of the Slice..but, i don't even remember what it is or what it does. So a full review/critique with pics would be awesome! lol (yes, I am feeling quite demanding this Monday morning)
Love the fall photos! I am sooo with you!!! I love the longer days of daylight. I feel like when it gets dark, it is time to be in PJS and ready for bed. haha
Can't wait for Halloween!
and the class sneaks look great!
Going to check out your LT sneaks.
have a good week!

Christina said...

*sigh* new martha punches.... gonna have to go check those out!!

Melissa Mann said...

love the photos!!! and i'm thinking i'm going to need some of those MS craft punches :-)

Melonie said...

Can't wait to see more than just a peek of your LT work! Totally know what you mean about submitting. I "reject" my LO's constantly, but you do not have any reason to be doing that. Can't get enough of your style.

Bekka said...

Yay for punches!!!! Also, I have the slice - you'll love it. The only thing that would improve it forme is if I had more design cards. Sadly, a problem Michael's coupons cannot solve.

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