Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thinking about running away to join the circus....

Well.. not really. But dang, it sure looks fun.

I just finished a book called Water for Elephants. It was an interesting read. Reminded me of Carnivale... except with less magical realism. I really would love to go to a circus... I've never actually been to one.

I wonder if they live up to the hype.. because based on all the photos on Flickr, they sure look fun.

Anyway, between that book, and the recent trip to the fair (2008 photos are here.. haven't gotten to the 2009 ones yet). I've been so inspired by stripes and sequins and well... the magic that one finds on the midway that I couldn't help but blog about it.

I seriously need a caramel apple.. or possibly some cider.

Also, I finally talked the boy into going to a pumpkin patch with me! Huzzah.

A busy week is coming up! Looking forward to taking some photos of the local trees. I plan on going hunting for some pretty leaves and acorns.

Working on a few other posts for this week.. including another one where I share my (not so secret) recent obsession with felt. ;)

Have a great night.


Jennifer said...

Ahhh - I love fall! Can't wait to see your shots. :) And that book is definitely one of my favorites!

EE said...

I went to the Circus when I was a little girl. The Big State Fair started here this week, it always brings the first cool nights. It's time to put away those beach balls and pull out the popcorn balls and warm apple cider with cinnamon.

Thanks for opening a forgotten drawer of memories. . . .

Beth Perry said...

yeah, it does look fun!

Marit said...

Love your circus collage! Yep, I can see you riding on an elephant... have a nice weekend in the middle of lovely coloured leaves!

Erin H. said...

Everything you wrote...sounded like me...lovedddd Carnivale...lovedddd the book "Water for Elephants"...yet, never been to a circus!!! I love the costume and midway feel though and can't wait to make carmel apples and popcorn balls in a few weeks!!! MMMMMMM

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