Friday, October 30, 2009

My December Daily Book for 2008

Even though I blogged every day last December, and took a billion photos... I still haven't gotten around to finishing my December Daily book for last holiday season.

I don't really feel bad about it. After all, I finished my Christmas 2007 minibook last November.

But Ali has started posting peeks for her 2009 book, so it really got me thinking about the holidays. I know that Halloween is tomorrow, but we crafters often have to think ahead seasonally. ;)

Even though I had an absolute blast making the book, I realized I never posted the details on the blog. The book itself has been sitting in my box of unfinished projects (yes, I have enough that I need a whole box.) I finally uploaded all the photos to Flickr (there are nearly 60 of them). Here is a little slideshow.

Make up a hot cocoa and enjoy.

Really looking forward to this year's book too. I plan on doing something totally different. ;)

Happy Friday!


Patty said...

Love, love, love your mini books:) This one is fabulous, so very inspiring!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Almiraz said...

Hi, I really love your mini makes me inspired....hmm..when should I do mine??....Enjoy your Halloween!!!

Melissa Mann said...

wow!! Great book! I can't wait to start working on mine again for this year! I'm going to be getting that done in the month of November!

Rhayne said...

Fab book! Can't wait to see it filled since it's your mini-albums that kept me coming back to your blog when I first found you :)

Beth Perry said...

it's gorgeous!

A.S.K.-P. said...


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