Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The numbers.

Between the full time job, minutes of very precious leisure time, and the demands of a relationship, friends and all the other real life stuff that needs to get done, I don't have an unlimited amount of time available for crafting.

And in case you were wondering why this blog has been so bereft of craftiness lately, it is because while I actually have made over 50 scrapbook pages in the last month... they've all been for the Bits and Pieces class. Which, I can't show on this blog..

It's progressing swimmingly, but it's kind of taking up most of my creative time lately, getting all done.

Besides photographing each page (with 2+ detail shots each), I then have to edit and write and organize... There's digital content to manage... and on and on.

I've written up 3 full tutorials (with at least 2 more to go)... written 14 step by step lessons (with another 4 or 5 yet to be released) and edited and posted over 240 photos to the class blog at this point, with another 75-100 to finish editing and to post before the end of class. (Which you can still sign up for, if you want.)

I think it's a pretty darn cool project. But you know, it's only for my peeps in the class.

I still love you though, my regular bloggy readers. November will be a great month for this blog. (think ornament tutorials, sparklies, and felty goodness).

Just thought I would let you know.

Happy Tuesday.


themathchick said...

I admire the way you're able to balance all the aspects of your life, and still have time for crafty goodness and blogging :)

I am LOVING your Bits & Pieces class - it's been very inspiring, educational, and fun!! In case anyone out there in blogland is thinking about signing up...go for it - you won't be sorry.

Thank you Christina!

Beth Perry said...

I won't leave you. :D
Can't wait for November.

oneartistjournal said...

Ooooh you are making me curious...

cococricketsmama said...

mmmmm...november sounds like a goodie then!

Michelle said...

Wow! 50 pages in the last month?? You've been busy busy! :) Can't wait to see the craftiness you have coming up here soon. :)

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