Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Inspiration: Common Folk Co.

I have long been jealous of my friends who live in the Midwest who have easy access to antique shops filled with affordable vintage treasure. Here in Seattle we only have a few such shops, but until recently, I had never one visited a shop like Common Folk Co.

For one thing, it is located all the way out in Crossroads, on the East Side (for you non WA readers, this means I have to drive over the water across a floating bridge into some suburbs--a terrifying prospect for a citygirl like me (j/k). The other thing that I really liked about this shop was how welcoming and friendly it was. I walked in and as I was being dazzled by the treasures inside, I was offered hot cider and cookies by one of their very attentive staff.

It is delightful a delightful place with so many pretty things to see. I was quite inspired.

They have a mix of vintage and new things...perfect for gifts and for when you want to buy yourself a little something special.

I myself picked up one of those little porcelain birds and a vintage style Merry Christmas sign. After I finished my cider, of course.

Unfortunately, their website link is broken.. but here is an alternate link with some info. If you ever get the chance to come to this area, I really reccomend you stop by (because it is also right by the Michaels and a Starbucks).

Happy Friday!

NOTE: Speaking of local activities, this weekend is the 5th annual winter edition of Urban Craft Uprising. While it is not as big as Renegade, it is still a pretty respectable showing of Northwest Indie crafters.

It will be my fifth year attending, and I'm really looking forward to supporting my local crafty community (and getting some holiday shopping done). Be on the lookout for a full recap after the weekend is over.


Jennifer said...

Great pics! Coincidentally enough, I went there for the first time last night! After I went to NY Cupcakes, of course. :) They had some great stuff!

Stephanie said...

Oh, that place looks fantastic. Totally jealous.

Melissa Mann said...

looks like an awesome store!!!

A.S.K.-P. said...

YUMMM! This place looks like absolute heaven!

GREAT pic btw!

alissa said...

OMGoodness! i am going to have to get down there! Such wonderful vintagey christmas goodness! the girls and i are taking a photo field trip next saturday and we are hoping to find vintage christmas. we may need to take a side trip! :)


Miya said...

that looks like an awesome store! hope you did well and had fun at the craft fair!

tnt521 said...

A girlfriend and I took a field trip here because of your post and found it was just as wonderful as you said! The staff is so sweet and the place is so inspiring! We loved it and can't wait to see it in all seasons!

tammy t

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