Saturday, January 2, 2010

Birthday Haps.

Note: This post is written and posted retroactively for documentation's sake.

So, for my birthday, we took the light rail downtown, and ended up at Pike Place Market for breakfast.
My choice was The Crumpet Shop for some tea and crumpets.

After a lovely stroll through the Market, we walked down to the SAM to catch the Michelangelo exhibit.

It was so great...even though photos were forbidden inside the museum. It was so inspiring to see the Calder exhibit and the photography exhibit as well. And on the way out, Greg even let me browse the gift shop (he loathes shopping).

Because it was my birthday, I voted for a second cup of coffee, and so we went back to the Market to grab some SBC lattes.

Greg even held still so I could sort of do a little photoshoot in Post Alley. Didn't turn out as I had planned. but still pretty fun. ;)

Later we had dinner at G's folks' house. It was a pretty chill and relaxing day.

Which is good, because I'm all old now. Apparently. ;)


Melissa Mann said...

Happy Birthday!! Looks like a wonderful day was had!

Christina said...

Christina, do you do classes? 'Cause I'd love to meet you in person:) Are you a native? 'Cause I'm a native Seattleite, and I take such pride to see such an amazingly beautiful blog that so honestly, endearingly documents my beautiful city ... a city that has changed so very, very much.

But your blog reminds me of my home-heart and everything I always cherished deep down, despite how much it has changed. I have always said no matter what, The Market is one of the unalterable (word?) souls of this place. You have two hours to be in Seattle, to see SEATTLE? Go to The Market.

And the crumpet shop! Yup! I have beautiful memories of being an 11- and 12-year-old hopping Metro in search of crumpets I could barely afford at the time (I'm a White Center baby), crumpets smothered in fingers-deep in Nutella ... dragging along my best friend Cheri, who just found me again on Facebook ...

See? Such memories! But damn. What I wouldn't give right this second!! for my lips to be smeared with that delicious hazelnut goo!

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