Sunday, January 10, 2010

Goodbye to 2009, Hello 2010

Everyone needs a little time to unplug, relax, and recharge. The end of the year/the beginning of the new year seems to be that time for me. Historically, I don't blog much this time of year. There's a lot of recovery time needed from the whirlwind of Christmas+New Year's+Birthday all kind of happening at once.

I like taking this time to clean up messes and make lists and get all my good intentions lined up for the upcoming year.

So goodbye 2009. You were awesome.

Welcome 2010.
This is the year I am going to focus.
- on my relationships.
- on my physical, financial, and mental well-being.
- on improving my communication skills
- on my art (including documentation such as blogging).
- on my career.

It's going to be really good.

I feel like I've really accomplished a lot since the new year started, but not a lot of it is terribly photo friendly for the blog... and you know how I hate to post without photos. 

But, time consuming as it was, during my little offline hiatus I went through my entire scrap stash and organized and cleaned it up. I dumped most of my scraps and some really old gross products that are not my style anymore, and got all my pretty things all in their proper places. I feel good about my stuff, and I also feel that despite my recent MS Crafts punch splurges, my stash is has remained relatively small and manageable, and that the stuff I tossed was not even worth giving away (think scary Jolee's stuff from before I discovered scrapbooking stuff that was not sold at JoAnns). I also was able to donate some other things so that little children could play with them.

The best part of this process was that now I have a very good sense of what I actually have on hand, which will make my goal of shopping mostly from my stash this year much easier. I re-discovered some stuff which I am super excited to work with. Also, when I do decide to drop some bucks on new supplies, I think it really gave me a good sense of what are my needs and wants actually are.

During this process, I took some breaks for creative reading... I went back and re-read my Ali Edwards books and my Dare book. I spent time exploring blogs and going through (and purging) magazines. Feeling really inspired and ready to get crafty again. Crazy excited to do more experimenting with photos this year too.

Right now on the creative front I am still working on getting my December blog posts caught up and getting my December Daily books for both this year and last year finished. So, sorry RSS readers, you still are probably going to see about 7-10 more December-ish posts before I'm done.

I'm a little behind on this whole holiday business, but I am okay with it.

As Shimelle says, there should not be any stress when it comes to scrapbooking (or blogging). This stuff is supposed to be fun. And it is, for me at least...which I why I do it. :)

So peace out for now. Hope you had a great weekend!


Melissa Mann said...

sounds like something I should do. And I can totally relate to the whole "purging stuff not even worth giving away that i found at joanne's"..LOL! I had to laugh at that. I did that a year or so ago, and it felt SOOO good. And now, I know what my style is and what products I want/need/would use. It does feel really good! And don't feel bad about the DD. Geez. I hate my book so much, I was thinking about just redoing it...and finally decided last night, that I am going to just start over. Otherwise, i'll never finish it. Hope you have a great week!

Melonie said...

This post speaks to me. I totally agree that this whole scrappy/blogging thing should be relaxing and never forced. Happy 2010.

Genevieve said...

I'm planning on doing the same with my Stash tonight, going through and purging/re-organizing, it's a great time of year to do it and just the right thing to get you inspired again! I'm also struggling to get my DD done, I have 9 pages left (with about 5 that have no content), so it's going to be tough, but I'm trying not to stress over it either. Happy blogging to you!

Aimee said...

I like it... I need to go through my stash again and do it. A few times a year... bleh.

Hey there's another crop happening over V-Day weekend in Belfair. I was thinking of going for one maybe two days... you going?

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